Windows 11 Pro Phoenix Gamer LiteOS Build 22000.376 (x64) Eng-US [No-TPM] Pre-Activated [FTUApps]

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    Windows 11 Pro Phoenix Gamer LiteOS Build 22000.376 (x64) Eng-US [No-TPM] Pre-Activated [FTUApps] ( 1.34 GB )
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    Phoenix_LiteOS_11_22000.376.iso1.34 GB
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    Visit >>>

    Genuine cracked applications direct from the scene group.
    A Team-FTU project!

    LiteOS | English | PreActivated | No TPM Required

    Designed to work well on older low spec PC's

    Uses significantly less storage space, idle RAM and CPU Processes. Improves System Responsiveness. Reduces Boot , and software loading s. Improves gaming and productivity performance. Enhances Desktop looks with taskbar transparency and added themes. Also Great for use on modern high end PC's.

    - EXTREME Gaming Performance! Fast, Smooth, Light, and Tweaked to give you extreme performance for your gaming needs! Support for UWP Apps and Xbox Game Pass.
    - Uses as little as 400 MB Idle RAM!, Low CPU Processes, Fast Installation, Extreme Performance for Productivity and Gaming, Lightning fast Boot and Load s.
    - Removed features include - Cortana, Edge, Internet Explorer, BitLocker, WSL, Hyper-V, Speech, One Drive, Defender, Windows Mail, Backup and Restore, Maps, Mixed Reality, Optional Features, Some Fonts
    - Disabled Features include - Error Reporting, Feature and Security Updates, UAC, Ads, Telemetry, Paging File, Hibernation, Power Throttling, Automatic Maintenance and Blocking
    - Additions include enhanced Desktop Beauty with Transparent Task bar and Additional Themes, Additional Context Menu Options, and Basic Tools in Start Menu to Give you back control of your Windows Desktop.
    - We want YOU to have control over your Windows, so we chose not to Pre Install much software, or Web Browsers, because we know everyone's needs, and preferences are different. Several web browser installation files and some other goodies can be found in the 'Extras' Folder on the Desktop.
    - DirectPlay and .NET Framework 3.5 Pre-Installed
    - Highly recommend writing to USB with Rufus, For Clean Install Only.
    - Add additional languages anytime, to do so, enabling hibernation, or enabling virtual memory,  if you have a low amount of physical RAM installed in your PC.


    - Great for use on modern high end PC’s.
    - Uses significantly less storage space, idle RAM and CPU Processes.
    - Improves System Responsiveness.
    - Reduces Boot Time, and software loading times.
    - Improves gaming and productivity performance.
    - Enhances Desktop looks with taskbar transparency and added themes.
    - Not only for Gaming! Great for all other desired applications as well!
    - Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, CPU, and Storage Checks.

    Major Improvements over Phoenix LiteOS 11 Pro Gamer Builds:

    - Adds Speech, Voice Activation, and Xbox App Sign in Fix, Fixes Language Pack Install Issues.
    - Can now also install additional Speech Packs Without Issues.

    Here is my two cents on this build, and why I recommend you give it a try:

    Most users, don’t need the extra features that Windows ‘Pro’ has. Don’t be fooled by ‘Home’ being inferior to Pro in any way, unless you actually use the additional features that Pro offers. (Many lite builds have the additional ‘Pro’ features removed anyway)

    I ran this build through VM tests, and encountered zero problems installing additional languages and speech packs (usually they work, but need a workaround), using Store, Xbox Game Pass, using Speech and Voice Activation functions. It amazed me how well this build performed compared to any other build I’ve made so far.

    The reason I call a build a ‘Gamer, or Gaming’ build, is not only because it has all the needed features and services to run important things for gamers like UWP Apps, Game Pass, MS Account Login, etc., but that I have it running as light and fast as possible, to provide more resources, and responsiveness for your Apps and Games. I also used to make my lite builds with Speech and Voice included, but took it out, but now I see it’s needed back for certain games to work, so I’m happy to bring it back into my builds.

    Anyway, If you need a great build, that is fast, smooth, stable, pretty, easy to use, and supports most things that the average gamer, or average user would need, and are concerned with performance, and keeping the size of the OS to a minimum, why not give this build a try. – @FBConan

    My only recommendation after installation, is you enable a paging file, or Virtual Memory. Read my tutorial on how to enable it, it’ll save your apps from crashing / closing unexpectedly if you run short on physical RAM.

    General Info:
    Edition: Phoenix LiteOS Gamer Edition
    Version: Pro 21H2
    OS Build: 22000.376
    System Type: x64
    Interface language: English-US, Additional Languages ​​after!
    Treatment type: Activation Script (Use Activator just in case of missing activation)
    Type: Modded OS By FBConan

    Note: Don’t forget to turn on Services through Start Menu – Tools if needed! (Print Spooler ON if installing printer driver and printing needs | Windows Update Svc ON if need to use MS Store, Add languages, Auto download Drivers, Xbox Game Pass etc.)​

    What's New:
    - Build Info

    Operating System:
    - Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC. 64-bit
    - RAM: 2 gigabyte (GB) (4 GB Recommended)
    - Hard disk space: 16 GB



    Use Rufus To Create Bootable USB & Boot / Instruction is Included in the folder!

    AntiVirus Scanned Result for User-End >>>
    No VT due to file size limited - It's clean no harm!


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